Digital Signage

MORE TEMPLETES, MAXIMUM CONTROL. No matter what industry you serve,      Mind & Sense has a sleek and professionally-designed digital signage template for your needs.


Create your own private TV Network. Control your content and customize at the click of a button.

Digital Menu Boards

Easily update menu items and pricing, highlight promotional items and share nutritional content.

Digital Promo Boards

Captivate customers and drive sales. Promote specials and high margin items.

Mood TV for Healthcare

Short-form television programming, health tips, patient queues, news and weather tickers and much more.

Promote. Entertain.

Our digital signage solutions are completely flexible. Configure screen content to sell more, answer FAQs and entertain.

Atmospherics & Stimuleye

Create a specific vibe to enhance the customer experience. Choose from a large library stunning visual content – environmental, travel, lifestyle and more.